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Me & Misha 😍
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Matt preparing to clean out the litter box. #smellycats
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I’ve been spending the last two years with this amazing man, and wouldn’t have it any other way. #happyanniversary

I think I’m going to give chia seeds a try. Opinions anyone?

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Netflix needs to come up with an options to where you can skip through show intros… Especially when marathoning.

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Hi, this is the only man I ever want to be with because he is more perfect than I deserve.

Also: Matt and I will officially be going on a trip to DC for our two year anniversary now which is in two weeks and I’m so excited! 

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I am probably the best hotel deal finder in the universe.

Just in case anyone ever needs a good hotel deal, hit me up. 

I am a god. 

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Matt and I can never have real life conversations because we work completely opposite schedules and never see each other.

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Iced coffee and game of thrones. The only way to spend a Sunday morning.